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Email for Life - Terms and Conditions of Use

Email for LifeEmail for Life

Terms and Conditions of Use

These are the terms on which the University of Leicester provides an email forwarding service intended primarily for its alumni. You accept these terms by applying for an alumni Email for Life account and receiving an email username and password. If you do not accept these terms you must not use the service.

  1. You are responsible for the associated password and for setting and verifying any changes. You should take reasonable precautions to keep your password secure. If you believe your password has been compromised you should change it immediately.
  2. This is a fully automatic service; manual changes to passwords or re-direction are not available.
  3. You must indemnify and hold harmless the University of Leicester against any liability resulting from your use of this service or the Internet.
  4. All processing of personal data by the University of Leicester will be carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of management of the email forwarding service and associated services. This data may be used:
    • to inform you of events and services available to you or which the University feels may be of interest to you (but excluding direct marketing by or on behalf of third parties);
    • to keep you informed of developments at the University;
    • as a general point of contact for administrative purposes such as membership of University services (e.g. Library membership) and conducting surveys of alumni as required by government bodies and associated agencies;
    • to encourage your support and involvement in the development of the University.
  5. You must not use the email forwarding service for any unlawful purpose or in breach of English law or any other law applicable to the use of this service or the Internet.
  6. Your use of the Service carries with it no rights in relation to the name of the University or its logo or trade marks or other intellectual property owned by it.
  7. Your alumni email address is not transferable.
  8. The University reserves the right to apply SPAM and virus scanning and to reject contaminated email. However it cannot guarantee the quality of this filtering process and you should not rely on its effectiveness.
  9. The University cannot guarantee the quality of service in terms of performance or availability.
  10. The University is not responsible for the content of email messages or attachments and will not normally monitor them. However it reserves the right to monitor usage and traffic flow. You should be aware that personal and other potentially sensitive data may be transmitted via this service.
  11. The minimum term of this agreement is one year. Thereafter it continues on a year by year basis unless terminated by either side. The University will endeavour to give users a minimum of 6 months notification prior to termination except in the case of a breach of any term by you, in which case the right to instant termination is reserved.
  12. Email addresses will not be disclosed to third parties.

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14 April 2005


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