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Welcome to the University of Leicester's Alumni email forwarding service - called Email for Life. This is an email forwarding service which is freely available to all students graduating from July 2005.

Why is an Email for Life Useful?

During your life time you may have to change your email provider several times and on each occasion you will lose your current email address. Think of the effort involved in telling all your friends and contacts of your new email address! Your Email for Life email address is the only one you will ever need to use for the rest of your life and the only people you need to tell of any changes is us.

How does it work?

Email for Life is an email forwarding service that is based upon your current University email address with the word "alumni" added. For example, abc1@leicester.ac.uk will become an Email for Life address of abc1@alumni.leicester.ac.uk . Any emails sent to this address will be forwarded directly to the currrent email address that you have registered with us. You simply have to specify the email address to which you want your Email for Life delivered.

What Email for Life is not

Email for Life is not an email service and has no email account, file storage etc. associated with it - it is an email forwarding service which redirects emails to a destination email address of your choosing.

What You Need Before You Can Register for an Email for Life Account

Before you can register for the Email for Life service you will need:

  1. a current University IT account
  2. an external email address (see below)
  3. your student registration number

During the registration process you will be asked to supply a password that you will need if you return to this site to update your registration details. To help you remember this password you will be asked for a statement that will be quoted back to you if you forget your password - so have one ready.

You should also have read and be prepared to accept our Terms and Conditions of service.

Where You Can Get an External Email Address

There are many Internet providers of email services and many offer a free service. You will need to register with one of these providers before you can register for the Email for Life service.

Registering for the Email for Life Service

If you have all the details outlined above and have read the Terms and Condition of this service then click on the Apply for Email for Life option on the left hand menu on this page.

Updating Your Details

If you wish to update any of the details that you provided when you registered for the Email for Life service, for example your permanent email address or your home address, click on the Update Your Details option on the left hand menu on this page - keep in touch and keep our records up-to-date!


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Last updated: 15 April 2005
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